Appreciating excellent pieces of literature is always good for the general development of society. When people get to learn about the wide range of amazing works out there, it does not only help to educate the masses, but also recognizes the efforts authors put in to come up with such works.

Anyone who has ever written an article, short story, poem, novel or any other creative work understands how much dedication and effort has to be put in. That’s why at, we give you all the details about authors, published works and life of writers that have contributed to literature in one way or the other. We link top quality works by scholars with devoted readers who wish for something nice for their minds to feed on.

We started back in 2003 where we published annual journals giving you content on a number of literary works. Operating under a tight budget then, we used to print fewer copies that would often fail to meet the high demand for quality work. As time went by, we developed into an important part of the society for playing both an entertainment and education role through coverage of top quality creative works. Thanks to the internet, we started our online platform in 2008 which enables us to publish online content. Our electronic outpost enhanced productivity enabling us to publish interviews featuring some of the best scholars in history. We additionally cover readers’ commentaries giving them a chance to speak about works of historical literature.

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