Things You Should Know About William Shakespeare

Over half of the reading population has come across works of William Shakespeare. No one knows the exact date of his birth, but many would repeat word by word what he wrote during ancient times. However, many people still don’t know much about him. Here are the important facts about him that you should know:

  • His Exact Birthdate

Most scholars believe Shakespeare was born on 26 April 1564, but that may not be the exact date. Though he was baptized on that date, traditions of the time may have provided for a number of days after which a child can be baptized. They even estimate the days to be three so Shakespeare was probably born earlier than the widely known date.

  • He Has No Living Descendants26375172301_74c6a31c64_b

Shakespeare father and mother were John and Mary Shakespeare. He married Anne Hathaway and together they had three children; one boy, Hamnet and two daughters Judith and Susanna. Shakespeare only grand daughter died young going away with descendants of the great author.

  • Shakespeare Was An Actor Too

If you thought he was just a play writer and poet, then you are wrong. Many people believe he merely wrote sonnets and plays. However, Shakespeare was an actor too and played in numerous scripts of other people with his included. There is even documented proof that he played the ghost part in Hamlet.

  • He Died a Very Wealthy Man

He is said to have accumulated a lot of property during his time. He even had a modest house named New Palace that stood on Chapel Street and was said to be the best house during that time in the region. He was brilliant at business and jointly owned the acting company making sure he had a share of the profits while still earning from the plays written.