Top Ancient Scholars Who Contributed to Human Life

You can currently look at the top scholars in your country and name them easily. What you don’t know is that most of what their theories are based on was laid down by ancient scholars. Most academic curriculums in schools worldwide are based on content they came up with. These scholars grew up in different societies with unique challenges, but somehow managed to leave nuggets of knowledge for current generations like you. When you think of science, mathematics, research, psychology or any other field of study, there is always someone who invented the ideas being taught. Here are some famous scholars who contributed enormously to societal growth.

  • Al Biruni Mohammed

A famous Muslim scholar that dominated the ancient world whose works still rule today, Al Biruni was born back in 973 at a place called Khwarizmi. He was a Persian scholar who offered unique mathematical solutions to problems, founded astronomy, theorist anthropologist and physician. He is one of the best scholars that characterized the medieval Islamic era.

  • Socrates4869953457_d700df7907_b

Any top ancient scholars’ list won’t be complete without the father of it all. Socrates was basically a classical scholar from Greek that founded philosophies that characterize the modern western world. His works are better described by accounts of those who came after him. As put by Plato, another classical Greek scholar that came after him, Socrates was the idol of ethics and general philosophy.

  • Aristotle

As you have read briefly about Socrates and Plato above, there is one man that completes the whole Greek Philosophy circuit. Aristotle was Plato’s student and the brains that taught Alexander the Great everything he knew. His views on physical sciences ultimately shaped what many currently refer to as Newtonian physics. His writings were the initial thing that provided for morals currently in the western world. These Four individuals played a key role in establishing modern world structures and philosophies.