Top Authors of All Time

When you write a book, the aim is always to get as much readership as possible. If you look at top ranked ancient works, a huge percentage of them were written out of passion. It is very difficult to rank the best authors of all time due to a number of reasons. However, you will surely love reading books by these authors.

  • William Shakespeare

William Shakespeare contribution to the literary world is not only the most sold, but also the most read works. Having started as a director and script writer at a theatre hall, Shakespeare went on to become the best author of all time. He is estimated to have sold more than 4 billion worth of books. This translates to 1 out of 3 human beings know about William Shakespeare’s works.

  • Agatha Christieagatha_christie_as_a_child_no_2

Closely compared to Shakespeare in terms of audience readership and book sales, Christi Agatha is surely one of the most celebrated authors of all times. Born in Oxfordshire, England, Christie went on to write thousands of pieces that many people still fall in love even today. You can read her numerous thrillers, crime fiction, murder mystery, romance and detective novels easily and at any time.

  • Cartland Barbara

There is no doubt that Barbara was one of the best fiction writing authors of all time. Born in 1901 in Herefordshire England, she became a decorated author of romance novels that continue to dominate library shelve to date. She is estimated to have sold over 500 million worth of novels on romance.

  • Harold Robbins

Finally on this list is Harold Robbins. He was an American author born in 1916 who delivered a wide range of works with the inclusion of novels. He wrote over 25 best-sellers which sold over 750 million copies that were translated into 40 languages worldwide. He was surely the playboy of his day and produced some quality work.