Useful Creative Writing Skills for Budding Writers

Many people would wish to author bestselling books and stories but don’t know how. If you are one of them, then here is what you need to know. When you know how to navigate through the basic framework of creative writing, then delivering the desired type of content will be very easy. Here are some techniques that could help achieve that:

  • Mind who you are writing for

Regardless of the piece you are writing, it is always good to understand who your audience is. Your target reader’s interest will help package the peace easily. Is your reader a lecturer, researcher, poet, student or just a local person? If so, how much time do you think they have for your article or story? Understanding this will help device ways to keep readers interested in the piece.

  • Embrace the three-act structuredante-alighieri-1272594_960_720

It is the main frame of any creatively written piece. The three parts include set-up, confrontation and lastly resolution. You should thus structure your piece based on these three. The setup is basically an introduction to the scene, characters and events in the story. The confrontation is the middle part that carries real events of the story or poem. With the resolution, you just need to give an interesting climax that the reader will appreciate.

  • Use of literary styles

Finally, you should learn as many literary styles as possible to be able to knit the story together. Whether you have to use anecdotes, rhyming, repetition, rhetoric, alliteration, apostrophe or any other literary resources, then do it for the richness of your creative piece. Just don’t overdo them as it may confuse readers. Creative writing is something that can be learnt over time through practice. With clear understanding of what your reader expects, it won’t be that difficult be a published author.